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Platelet Rich Fibrin injections 

Platelet Rich Fibrin injections or PRF is an all-natural way of stimulating our bodies to produce collagen and elastin. Platelet Rich Fibrin is considered the next generation PRP and contains higher concentrations of white blood cells, fibrin, growth factors, and stem cells which promotes tissue regeneration.  This procedure is becoming very popular in the cosmetic world. We can use this to treat patients who have hair loss, dark under eye circles, you can do this in areas where you would normally put dermal fillers, we also combine it with microneedling and best of all it is using your own blood.  

Trigger point injections- Trigger point injections are used to treat painful muscles that contain trigger point or knots that can form in our muscles. Our trigger point injections are performed using the dry-needling technique which simply means we are not pumping your body full of unnecessary medications. This procedure can be used for all patients and can help alleviate tension headaches, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome and generalized muscle tightness. 

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